Thursday, June 24, 2010

Writing fun

Inspired by Janet Reid's awesome fun contests this week (Check her blog), I thought it would be fun to do something similar. First, answer these questions:
1. Adjective that describes you.
2. Something you hate to do.
3. The type of vehicle/model you drive.
4. A person you graduated high school with.
5. Your favorite condiment.
6. The color of the shirt you're wearing.
7. The name of someone you saw today.
8. Your favorite food.
Now, using your answers write a sentence using all of the words. My answers to the above questions are:
Ford 500
So, my sentence is:
Kris was so energetic that she decided to clean the ketchup off the seat of her Ford 500 before making steak (pink for her; well-done for Laura).
Now, you try. Can't wait to read your posts. And, have an awesome weekend everyone.


  1. 1. caring
    2. wash dishes
    3. Chevy Tahoe
    4. Jodi
    5. mustard
    6. grey
    7. Walter
    8. pizza
    Walter knew that Jodi needed to hear thathe thought she was a caring person, but instead he jumped in his grey Chey Tahoe and raced to pizza hut to get a mustard pizza so she didn't have to dishes tonight.

    (I think that might be a run onnnnn sentence.)

  2. Great, Sharon. Thanks so much for joining in the fun. And you are VERY caring. Have a super weekend. Blessings, Buffy

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