Thursday, June 17, 2010

You know you're a writer when...

Let's come up with a list. You know you're a writer when...
  • you pull over while driving to write a scene that just came to you.
  • you stay up late and rise early to work on your latest novel.
  • you'd rather write than watch TV.
  • you talk about your characters as if they are real people. 
 Please add yours in comments. Have a super day everyone:)


  1. You get up early to write and write on the weekends.
    You follow your blogs after going to work and making dinner.
    Your workday starts at 6:00 am & ends about 9:00 pm.
    You don't watch TV.
    You don't talk to friends or family much.
    Your hour of relaxation before collapsing in bed at night is reading.

  2. 1. Going to Harry Potter's Wizarding World doesn't seem like such a bad vacation, adult ot not!
    2. Your day job... grrrr...
    3. Piles of books to read are pretty much everywhere in your house.
    4. You're constantly saying, "There's not enough time."
    5. You've morphed into a new breed because coffee runs through your veins, as opposed to blood.

    Fun post, Buffy!

  3. I agree with all of them.
    When you put on a movie for your kids so you can write.
    You sometimes talk out loud to your characters. I think this goes along with you treating them as if they are real.
    Constantly thinking about your characters even when you are in a conversation with someone (real).
    Great post!

  4. When to take SUPER long showers because its the only time you can think about your writing and not get interrupted.

    When your character infect your dreams.

    Whenever you do something you wonder how your characters would handle the situation

  5. You're last too are so me. I'm constantly talking to myself. At first, the kids thought I was nuts. Now it's kind of the norm. LOL.

  6. We've got a great list going so far girls. Thanks so much for sharing:)

  7. always have a moleskine (other other journal) and a pen in your purse. have to carry a bag big enough to carry aformentioned journal and a book to read! don't need an iPod for the subway, because your thoughts about your WIP keep you busy on the ride home.

  8. (oops! meant *or* other journal)

  9. these are great - neat idea, Buffy! Something I do is write in my head as I'm trying to go to sleep at night, which doesn't work so well cuz then I have to get up and put it on paper so I don't forget. And I wonder why I'm always tired!

  10. You comb the obituaries for 'good names'.
    You eavesdrop on the conversations of third graders.
    You spend more money on index cards and post-its than on clothes.
    You keep a grease pencil in the shower in case inspiration strikes.

  11. Oh. My. Gawd! You guys crack me up. So many awesome answers. From "Your day job... grrrr..." to "You keep a grease pencil in the shower in case inspiration strikes."
    I am so going to have to get a grease pencil!

  12. You write on the bus, even when there are no seats, with one arm around a pole to keep you from falling over.

    Your Google search history is a disturbing list of questions about serial killers, mythical monsters, and the proportions of a 16th century Korean palace.

  13. You're upset when real life doesn't follow narrative structure.

  14. You KNOW you're a writer when:

    You need at least one and a half chairs to support your EXPANDING WRITER'S BUTT!

    sorry I'm late Buffy but my laptop crashed this week! AAAAHHH!