Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kids got it right

It was a really neat church service today. The children, from preschool through high school, participated. They sang, read the lessons and prayers, helped with Communion -- did everything but the sermon. But Pastor Greg's sermon was just as neat. He talked about children and how we ought to be more like them. One of the things he said was that each of us needs to be alive in the moment. That we shouldn't miss out on life that goes on around us. Too often we hold onto regrets, fret about the past, and worry about the future. Children, on the other hand, don't. He gave the example of children who fight over a toy or a place in line or whatever. One minute it's all-out war and the next minute they're best friends. This made me smile because it's so true. Adults, on the other hand, find it difficult to forgive and forget and move on. Anyway, I just thought it was a really neat reminder to live in the moment. Be like a child. Sometimes, I think we spend so much time planning for the future that we forget about today. I can't believe, for instance, how fast my little boys have become young men. WOW! The little babes I once held in my arms are now young men I need to stand on my tip-toes to hug. So, the message for today is to live in the present like a child and enjoy every minute of it. That doesn't mean we ought not to think about tomorrow or have dreams and goals. It simply means that we don't forget about today because as many of us have come to know, there are no guarantees in life. Tomorrow might be too late.


  1. Buffy, so true! I teach second grade and I can't tell you how many times two children will be in an argument or tattle on one another. Moments later, they're playing together at recess. It always amazes me how forgiving and easy-going they can be. What a great lesson not to lose that perspective on life. Thanks for a thought-provoking post!


  2. Wonderful post, Buffy! I've been trying to learn how to live in the momment. Moving away from St. Louis was really hard. I've been struggling ever since we were told about the move about 2.5 years ago. I realized that I have to live here and I should be doing things that make me happy, rather than being sad about not being in STL. I think getting the bike was pivitol (sp?) for me. It has made me see what a beautiful place Iowa is and how I can use the time we are here to enjoy and learn about it.

  3. Marissa: Kids are so amazing. They truly can be enemies one minute and best buds the next. Why is it that we hold on to grudges? People spend so much time being mad at someone that often they forget the very reason they were mad in the first place.

    And Sharon, moves are always difficult, especially when we leave a place we love. But it sounds as though you are working through this and the bike is helping. Your attitude of learning all you can about Iowa and experiencing life there is healthy. You never know when this experience might come into play in your writing. Maybe you'll write a book set in Iowa some day. Blessings...