Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The magic of fireflies

   I saw my first firefly of the season. Even after all these years, those dancing lights make my heart happy. I’m reminded of a childhood spent capturing them in the cup of my hand, then setting them free. Of barefoot summers filled with dripping cherry snowcones that stained every T-shirt I owned. Of hot fudge sundaes from the ice-cream truck that never missed my street. Of my lemonade stand and my clubhouse (we were The Buffets) and my climbing trees. Of sleepouts and scary stories and smores and oh so much more. I'm always amazed at how such a tiny thing can evoke a wave of memories so real I can taste the salt and be knocked over by it thunderous power.
  The magic of a firefly.
  The magic of childhood.
  Oh how I miss the sweetness of youth. 

  Do you have a favorite summer memory you’d like to share? Love to hear about it.


  1. What a great memory. Mine from childhood were mostly curling up with a good book. I haven't seen any fireflies yet. I'll have to start looking for them.

  2. The ice cream man, oh the joy of that man who drives to your house and gives you ice cream and he had the BEST candy selection.

    Now the ice cream man who comes to my house looks like a meth addict and plays rap music while he's driving around, but the speakers for the truck are still playing the kids' music, but the blend together in a surreal way that makes me not want ice cream any more, for my daughter to be near him.

  3. I love this, Buffy. So funny, too. My daughter came in the house the other night with one attached to her sleeve. We stopped and watched the green light blink and blink. It was so neat.

  4. I adore fireflies and like you, buffy, I think they're magical.

    I remember being a kid at Boot Pond in Plymouth where we used to catch tadpoles, fish, and swim out to a dock a short distance away from shore. Ah, that was the life; being a kid and the whole summer stretching endlessly beofre you.