Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't miss LM Preston's party

This is one virtual launch party you won't want to miss. LM Preston, author of Explorer X- Alpha and  The Pack (coming out in August), is throwing the bash with tons of great giveaways. Visit her blog for all of the details. Oh, and she is also spotlighting party guests. Today, it's me. So make sure you pop over and join in the fun. LM Preston's blog. Go here for her party blog.
 Let's show LM our support. 


  1. Thanks for passing this virtual party blog along! What a great idea :) Congrats LM Preston!


  2. Thanks Marissa! I'm having a blast! Whoop!

  3. So I'm slow, but I've never heard of a virtual launch party. I've done virtual blog tours and book reviews. If you could tell me a little more about this, I'd love to hear more. I have a new book coming out next month. Thanks!

  4. Kathi, check out LM's blog. I think she talks about it on there. And good luck with your new book. That's awesome:)