Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Lion Awakens; Annie's transformation

When THE LION AWAKENS begins, Annie is this shy, nerdy, uncoordinated girl who has little self-esteem and zero confidence. By the end of the novel, she has transformed into a confident young lady who has mastered her superhuman abilities to stop a tyrant from destroying her world.
I loved writing the following excerpt. I think it shows how far Annie has come. Here, she stands up to a group of popular girls who just want to use her. Annie's boyfriend had convinced the girls that modeling agents were fighting over Annie. He was just screwing with them at the mall one night. When Annie shaves her head (something she did in order to "fit in" the parallel universe she was traveling to) the girls did, too, thinking it was the latest style.
“Are you serious?” Annie asked. “My boyfriend dies and all you’re concerned about is getting a freakin' modeling agent. Well, here’s the truth. I don’t have an agent. Never have. I don’t model. Never will. I shaved my head because I wanted to. It’s not the “in thing” to do. And, one more thing, your heads look like bald asses without the cracks. So go screw yourselves.”
Annie turned around to open her locker and the girls’ eyes were the size of half dollars.
“Are you serious?” Jen asked. “You don’t really model or have an agent? Like we totally shaved our heads for nothing?”
Annie turned around. “I’ve never been more serious. And if you ever bother me on Petra or anyone else again, you’ll have a lot more to worry about than a bald ass for a head. Oh, and another thing, Jen, your tits are as fake as your French tips. If it weren’t for that boob job your daddy dearest paid for you’d have nothin' but muffin tops.”
YEAH Annie. You go girl! That's the way to do it. The Lion has, indeed, awakened.
Do you have an excerpt to share that shows growth in your character? Please share in comments.

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